Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


I/ Working detail

  • Designing, managing and developing the company’s products such as topic-based printing clothes, canvas…
  •  Making print file based on suppliers requirements
  • Coordinating with Sales Department staff; Marketing department in advertising and business strategy of company
  • Following other duties as assigned

II/ Required skills and qualifications

  • Experiences and skills
  • Priority to people graduating from University of Industrial Arts, Vietnam University of Fine Art, Hanoi University of Architecture….. or FPT Arena, Arena Multimedia, …
  • Having capability in fluently using graphic tools 
  • Having ability to work in groups and work under high pressure
  • Having knowledge of the market and the style that company are focusing on
  • Job applicants need to  provide at least 3 works or design projects (including soft copy and detailed description)

III. Benefits

  1. Compensation
  • Salary: $400 – $700 /month  (high KPI bonus)
  • Allowances( lunch & parking): 800.000vnd/ month
  • Considering salary increase every 6 months (can recommend salary according to capacity) 
  • Bonus in case of reaching or exceeding target
  1. Health care, spiritual life
  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance under the Labor Law.
  • Life insurance
  • Marriage Money, sickness money….. based on company’s rules
  • Annual health check at a prestigious hospital.
  • Birthday party, annual travel, team building, all annual party ..
  1. Benefits
  • Free food and drink in pantry area 
  •  Happy Hour every week
  • Free use of all valuable books at the company’s bookcase.
  1. Culture
  • Proactive, creative, flexible and professional working environment
  • Focus on work efficiency instead of process
  • 5.  Developing chances
  • Sponsoring courses to get certificates and improve professional skills
  • Organizing periodic training sessions to  share and exchange knowledge.

(*) Note: Due to time limitation, we only contact people who are selected for the next round, hope you guys sympathize.